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How Take Care CNC Machine Proparly
almost 5 years ago

We're continually discussing how to boost the life span of your CNC machine and consumables. Appropriate and auspicious upkeep is obviously the simplest approach to guarantee you're getting the greatest value for your money. Similarly as you would change the oil in your auto or utilize WD40 on a squeaky entryway, adding oil to your CNC machine guarantees it runs easily.

We suggest re-lubing your machine each month. There are 3 primary ranges for lubing: the bearing autos, the racks, and the ball screw (in most CNC models).

Bearing autos

Bearing autos can be found on either side of the x-hub gantry, y-hub, and z-pivot. Utilizing your grease gun, position the tip specifically finished the little ball inside the bearing auto. Ensure you are packing the ball. For a legitimately prepared grease gun around 3 crushes ought to do it. Wipe off any abundance grease and rehash for all direction.

On some more seasoned CNC machines the ball won't be straightforwardly open for the grease gun. Utilize the littler appendable tips to pack the ball, and crush the grease inside.


A light layer of grease is suggested for the majority of the racks. Daintily press your grease gun as you move along the racks. At that point utilize you finger to guarantee the grease has become inside the teeth of the racks, and in addition expelling any overabundance grease. Keep in mind just a light covering of grease is required; an excess of will worthwhile motivation a wreck and trap earth and flotsam and jetsam.


On most MultiCam models, a ball screw is utilized to move the Z-pivot here and there. Same as the racks, utilize only a little measure of grease around the screw. Generally simply utilizing your finger is adequate. Once more, if you utilize excessively grease you will be catching excessively soil, which can be particularly risky around the ball-screw. You don't need chips or garbage streaming down the ball-screw as this can harm the ball nut. For our V-Series models, there isn't a ball-screw. Rather there is another rack and pinion so you can take after the directions above.  You can see also consider some factors choose right torque wrench.

Following a half year we prescribe an entire grease tidy up. Utilizing a de-lubing specialist, de-oil every bearing auto and racks, and after that re-oil them. Why experience this inconvenience? Oil is a grease however it additionally traps earth and flotsam and jetsam, which can in the long run prompt form ups. Time and again we get calls from clients about poor cut quality or cut prattle and the reason originated from a development of soil. Spare yourself a conceivably costly administration call by establishing a semi-yearly tidy up. 

For the ball-screws in any case, don't utilize a de-lubing specialist. Rather utilize another ointment, similar to a light oil in a plasma framework. Grease up the ball screw and afterward wipe everything clean with water, at that point re-apply the oil. We say this since it's critical that chips and flotsam and jetsam don't go down into the ball nut. A de-lubing operator can carry out it's employment too well and flotsam and jetsam will descend into the ball nut. Earth in the ball nut can cause restricting which in the long run outcomes in an engine blame. In the event that trash is stuck in the ball nut, the engine needs to work harder to move the Z-hub, drawing excessively amperage, therefore causing a blame.

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